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Rug Cleaning

Does your rug make your living room look untidy?
Does your faded & dirty rug make you feel embarrassed?
Why not revive the style & colour of your rugs with our expert rug cleaning services?
Trust Hercules for professional and hassle-free rug cleaning for all types of rugs: Acrylic, Cotton, Modern, Oriental, Persian or Wool.

Do I Really Need Rug Cleaning?

You may be thinking that rugs can be cleaned at home with the simple use of a brush and some soapy water, but this if often not enough.
If you are thinking “Will these people try to pressure me into buying services I don’t need?” or “What if my rug loses its quality because of such harsh cleaning methods” then be assured that we at Hercules Carpet Cleaning, understand your concerns as a home-maker. After all, you have a beautiful rug and it is only natural that you wish to have a superior finish when cleaned.
We can help with the following:

  • Pick a corner of the rug and give a sharp beating to its back. If you see a cloud of dirt then it’s time for some serious cleaning.
  • Don’t mistake fibers for dust. Check if your fingers get dirty when rubbing the rug.
  • If you’re worried about coffee or tea stains ruining your rug or if some stains won’t come off even after normal cleaning with a brush, then you need to hire professional services.
  • Stacked away your grandma’s antique rug and don’t know what to do with it? Call us to ensure it is cleaned properly without compromising its quality.
  • If you’re hard-pressed for time balancing home and work, we can come to you and clean your rug(s) in your home or office.

We use advanced cleaning systems, world-class tools and only excellent quality products with gentle care and attention to every minute detail that your stylish, colourful and delicate rug deserves.

Need a service and ready to book? Call or Message us on: 0800 028 4553 / 07956 526078

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