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Carpet Cleaning

We offer a fast and reliable carpet cleaning service. However, the time required will depend upon the number of carpet cleaners, the amount of carpet cleaning machines we use and indeed how dirty the carpets are.
We use truck mounted carpet cleaning system

We unload all the necessary equipment and once in the property we either remove our shoes or put on plastic overshoes, taking great care to protect any furnishings, furniture and indeed the floor within the working environment.
We recommend to clients that they vacuum their carpets daily using an upright cleaner with an agitating brush which will remove far more dirt and grit than a tub vacuum. They should try to prevent spillages such as fruit drinks and coffee or tea. Rolls of absorbent paper towelling should be left around drinks areas to immediately blot up any spillages. If a spillage occurs then they should immediately blot it and call us out. They should definitely not try to clean it out themselves as they will probably make the situation worse. Protection mats should be placed under the desks where the feet rest to protect against wear. We also recommend that the carpets are protected with an anti-stain as it does offer protection against stains and allows time for the spillage to be blotted out and cleaned effectively. We can also spray against static electric shocks which often occur within an office environment.

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