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Hercules Services

Hercules Services is a family run business est in 1976, we use a truck mounted steam cleaning unit which is, if not one of the most powerful machines in Britain. We supply our own power and pre-softened water giving you the absolute best results possible. Our truck mount will reach most areas but for the upmost impossible areas to reach we also use a portable steam cleaning technology, which also provides a fantastic clean.

We have been cleaning carpets and upholstery for 20 years now. We use a truck mounted cleaning system which is 20 times more powerful than a standard cleaning system. We supply our own power and pre-softened water, we also use the ‘best of the best’ chemicals so we can offer the best clean possible.
Using chemicals such as ‘Vanish’ or ‘1001’ are complete rubbish and a waste of time! Unless you are extracting whatever is in the carpet you are simply pushing it in deeper and ultimately setting the stain, which makes our work harder and almost impossible to remove the stains.
We look forward to hearing from you. Not to be boastful, but whom ever it may be in Britain, they could clean carpets / upholstery as good as us but not better!
We use the ‘best of the best’

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